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Monday, October 13, 2014

LAMIDO Digital Campaign

Lamido adalah satu laman web jual beli seperti Lazada, Zalora dan macam-macam lagi. Cuma kali ini ianya kempen mempromosi jualan produk digital yang memberikan harga yang murah. Jika anda tak percaya bolehlah klik bila terdapat iklan mengenai Lamido ini di dalam blog ini  dan dapat maklumat lanjut mengenainya.


Online shopping and online selling in Malaysia
Lamido is Malaysia’s #1 online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and make awesome deals thanks to the fixed or auction pricing system. Lamido is the place where you can buy the cheapest items, used or new, such as smartphones, computers, fashion and clothing, home appliances, cars and real estate for the best prices. If you are a merchant and wishes to sell your products, you can easily advertise and sell them directly to the customers living next to you. The transactions are safe and secure and you get to choose where and when the delivery will take place, or you can choose the shipping option.

Buy online in Malaysia: save money on cheap products
In Lamido you can shop for a broad range of items from various categories and brands (blackberry phone, samsung phones, Nokia Phones and many others). Whether you are looking for a cheap and used phone or a brand new computer, a pretty dress for a gift or an affordable car for you, buying online is the best solution to find a merchant close to you to purchase from. You can also order from vendors from all over Malaysia in just one click, with the simple buying or bidding option! Make your bid and start shopping for the equipment you need!

Sell online in Malaysia: make money now
Make money in Lamido! Do you own devices you no longer use? Advertise them online and reach potential buyers all over Malaysia. You can list almost anything from DVD to laptop accessories, books to collectibles. If you are a merchant and want to promote your products, this online marketplace allows you to advertise your products in Malaysia and sell them directly to your customers. Choose the auction price or the fixed price and find a buyer! You are free to organize payment and shipping of the merchandise as you wish. Make business and earn money now!

Best prices for trading goods online
In Lamido, we want everything to be simple for you to maximize your sales and revenues. There is no intermediary: buyers and suppliers meet directly. Looking for a cheap Blackberry? Just buy a used one with online auction! Want to sell your jewelry without owning a shop? Sell it online! There is no listing fee: you don’t pay anything until you close a deal. Buying and selling online has never been so easy.Online shopping and online selling in Malaysia

Note : Thanks to Lamido because sponsored us through Nuffnang Ads

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