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Friday, October 25, 2013

Easy Way To Bypass Blackberry Waiting List For Android or IOS

This is the step that i use to bypass blackberry queue:

1. Download the apps from Google store or if your country being block please google for .apk

2. Register yourself from this link (important step) :

3. Check your email for validation email then click link activation. This link only valid within 24 hours only. BTW, try to sign in from the website to see your registration accepted or not.

4. launch the app then insert your registered email like  Step 2.

5. I use the method from CNET like below after registered :

Step 1: Launch the app, enter your e-mail address and tap on “Next.”
Step 2: Now, force close the BBM app on your device.

After an hour later. Got to proceed for BBM. No need to sign up again since you have sign up from the website. Just Sign-in with email you have reqister in STEP 2