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Monday, August 24, 2009

Football Fantasy Match (Week 4)




jom ramai-ramai join fantasy football.tengok sape lagi terer manage player...
skunk nie game tengah panas nie...dulu da create tp xleh add player plak..
sape x penah maen nie cara nak daftar....

cara nak daftar:

1.click Not registered /sign up

2. insert all form n then click next
3. favourite club means the best club that you support
select your club eg. Liverpool
then click complete registeration

4. select newsletter if u want to receive any , if not click i do not wish box

5. Click agree of the term
6. Give team name

7. select team shirt colour
then click select team

8.Select team player

9. Click on their name to enter ur team

10. if you don't want to choose click auto-complete player
they will set up for u...

11. all new entry are given $100 to buy player

12.Every player that been selected, the money will be deducted, so choose wisely..

this game based on the player that played in the premier league..
Every gol score that the player get.. so we will get point...
you can check you player on TV, newspaper or this website..
Click at league at the Fantasy menu/(Create/ Join)/ then enter the game league private number as above..

After you finish this, then all is done...what you need to do jut wait...
you can check your point after the game have begin on the tv of course...
We will stat at week 4...
if u want to change player... just go to help page..hehe~


This game based the score that your player played in the real premier league game so every player that get gol we will get point..we will see who is the greatest in managing our own fantasy football team player..BTW it free..hehe :D

posted by : Mr aDMin