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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


ehemmmmm..now is d time 4 girl's story lak...asyk boys je post blog..haha..da jd cm blog apl pn ade(da la username pon cm ade unsur2 apl je)..hehehe..ok..d story goes like this..MPG!..sp la yg xtau MPG 2 ape kn??..well..we girls r xcited 2 go..not all ddc girls of coz..only 5 of us..hahaha..sara,gee,ema,myra n ita..we tried 2 persuade other girls 2 go MPG but failed!..hahaha..so ok laa..at least ade gak la girls ddc yg g kn..MPG will be held at Hotel Flamingo,Ampang on 28hb hr 2..so sara n i went 2 klcc 2 find saloon dat have d makeup service..KLCC is d nearest to ampg..so we decided 2 makeup at d saloon inside it..d appoinment 2 makeup n hair setting were done a week b4 d MPG..

on 28hb, all 5 of us went 2 klcc at 4pm..(awl gleee..diner da la stat kul 8pm)..haha..we hv 2 go there early coz 1 person takes almost 1 hour 2 makeup..so sara+i=2hours..plus setting hair 4 sara takes another 1hour..when we arrived at d saloon, sara went to set her hair 1st..n i went to makeup..gee,ema,n myra were sitting in front of d saloon waiting 4 us..sara n i were in d back of d saloon..d boss of d saloon was d 1 who makeup us..every1 there call her 'mama'..haha..after makeup n setting hair,now its d time 2 wear our dress..well, d saloon were very2 gud 2 us..while i was trying 2 wear my dress, 1 of d worker called 'kak mas' came 2 me n try 2 set my scarf..n another worker called 'baby' was holding my hand 2 check whether i 1 2 colored my nail or not..n baby help me 2 wear my 2 n a half high heels shoes..i was like "woooohhh..hold it!i'm not done wit d scarf..2nggulaaa kalo nk pkai ksut,kaler kuku sume"..hahaha..mmg klmkabut la tm 2..sara pon try gak bsiap at d same time..d place was not so big..but it can fit two of us..

d clock is ticking..it's nearly 6 o'clock..myra,gee,ema were still not wearing their dress,not done their makeup..everything la!..haha..dat was d time where everytin goes crazy!!..i called them 2 wear everytin inside of d room..well..when all 5 of us were in d same room,u noe wat happen..haha..everytin messed up!..there were shoes on d floor,makeup on the sink,tudung everywhere on d table,cloth hanger on d sofa...hahaha..i bet mama must think "god!..what have dis girls turn my saloon into!"..haha..gee,ema n myra were trying 2 done evrytin be4 7 o'clock..bcoz dat were d time we have 2 go 2 d hotel 2 avoid from being stucked in d jam..kak mas n baby were helping them wit their makeup..dkt2 kul 7, stil diorg xsiap2 lg..haha..every1 was looking at d clock each second..mama went into our room n said "Laaaa...xsiap2 lg ke??..lamenyeee"..hahaha..u noe girlss..we always take time 2 do anything..haha..mama bought a bucket of kfc n ate outside of the room..mama asked me 2 eat d kfc while waiting 4 my frens..but of coz..pmalu la kateknnn...so dgn baek hatinye tolak twrn 2..hahaha..

sdg bsiap~

on around 7.20pm,we drove 2 d hotel..as i expected,we were stuck in jam!..but hey,u noe..JANJI MELAYU la kn...manela ade mjls yg stat sharp on time..so we were like..rilek2 laaa..lame lg..hahaha..when we arrived at d hotel,en sharil was there waiting 4 d VIP..i was like 'abislaaa..dtg lmbt lg..kn da kne lalu cik sharil"..haha..so tebalkn je la muke lalu..there was a red carpet b4 entering d hall..Skuad foto takes picture of every1 be4 they entered d hall..D dinner starts..we were starving while listening 2 all d speech..sminit time 2 rs cm sejam jeee...after all d dance perfomance,gimmicks n montaj,foods starts 2 be served..hooray!!..the themes of d food=Chinese Food..these r d menu 4 dat nite :

1) Four Hot and Cold Appetizer Platter
-sdp glee..more 2 ingredients in sushi laa..
2) Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat
-sup yg sgt sdp!!
3) Crispy Boneless Chicken Topped with Mayonnaise and Oats
-bole thnlaaa..
4) Deep-fried Garoupa "Pattaya Style"
-xlogik!..food ni cm ikan goreng besar gle..bzenye..xbyk isi..byk tulang je..n kpale bsr btol!!
5) Baked Tiger Prawn with Five Spices Salt n Capsicum
-sp yg xske udg kn?...sdppppp
6) Stewed Abalone Mushroom with Brocolli in Oyster Sauce
-ni xtaula mknn ape..mcm tlupe ape..haha
7) Fried Fragrant Rice with Shrimp Meat and Salted Fish
- Nasi goreng!!..yehaaaa...at last dpt gak nasi!
8) Chilled Jelly and Longan
9) Shanghainese Pancake with Lutos Paste
- due2 mknn ni mcm xsdr je kwujudan..sb da bz tgkp gmbr..hahaha..

band syiqah perform at dat nite..d band was named 'KUPU'..sgt besss!!..bcoz d diner was conducted formally..when d band take over,somehow they turned d diner into some wild party!..hahaha..boys were jumping like crazy while listening 2 their songs..hahaha..da abs mkn,tm 4 tgkp gmbr!!..we tried 2 find any ddc in d hall..we tried 2 find 'JEJAKA2 THANGAT DDC'..hahaha..but sadly only found 3 guys..Raja,Faizie n Ali..3org je laki ddc dtg??..haha

Faizie :ssh btol nk tgkp gmbr ngn die nie..asyk gelak je..haha

Ali : smart btol ade ros kat poket 2!

Raja : da kate jgn wat muke!!..hahaha

then, we tried 2 find if there any other ddc girls. We found byt n murni!

Byt n Murni~

These r some of d pictures dat were taken dat nite =)


Lets take pictures!

It's time 2 party!!

Friendship Forever~


Beutiful memories of d nite will always remain in our heart~..Hope DDC's friendship will last 4ever!

by : ita