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Saturday, February 28, 2009

MaKLuMat UntuK SaPe Yg DpT SE Kat Skudai....

Bachelor of Computer Science(Software Engineering )

Software Engineering is about the application of an engineering approach in the development, operation and maintenance of a large scale software system. A software engineer should have both technical and creative skills in the creation of high quality software. The Bachelor of Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering is a full time academic programme that is specifically designed to support the current needs for professional and competent software engineers. The intake of this course is based on the students STPM and Matriculation results or their equivalence. Those who are completed the diploma are also most welcome to join the course with direct entry. It takes 7 semester to complete this course where the last semester is for the practical training. Each students will be taking courses with the total 120 credit hours to receive the Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) degree certificate.

Programme Duration
The program will be conducted full time in 3 � years.

Career Prospects
Software Engineer, Software Architect, System Analyst, Software Testing Engineer, SQA Analyst, Software Project Manager, System Integrator, Programmer, Web Development Engineer, System Engineer, Software Entrepreneur.

Year 1
Programming Technique I & II, Computational Mathematics, Digital Logic, Technology & Information System, Database Systems, Computer Organization & Architecture, Human Computer Interaction, Network Communication, UTM Core

Year 2
Data Structure and Algorithm, Object-Oriented Programming, Requirement Engineering and Software Modelling, System Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, , Internet Programming, Modelling and Simulation, Operating Systems, UTM Core, Application Development

Short Term (May Semester): Application Development

Year 3
Software Architecture and Design, Programming Technique III, , Theory of Computer Science, Real-time SE, Software Quality Assurance, Special Topics in SE, IT Entrepreneurship, Elective Course, Final Year Project I & II.

Year 4
Industrial Training (6 months)

Computational Intelligence, Software Construction, Agent Oriented Software Engineering, Web Technology, Knowledge-Based & Expert System, Software Project Management.