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Thursday, March 5, 2009

20 Ways To Increase Laptop’s Battery Life

increase laptop battery lifeMobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery. So here are we are going to look at ways to increase laptop battery life.

Modern graphic intensive operating systems and resource hungry applications are cutting down the life of your laptop’s battery every day. The average battery life per continuous use still stands at a maximum of three to four hours. So, a fast depleting battery could very swiftly put the crutches on your ‘mobile’ road trip.

Falling just short of carrying an extra pack of batteries in the back-pack, are several ways to keep the juice flowing through the batteries.

1. Ship shape with a defrag

Regular defragmentation helps to arrange data more efficiently thus making the hard drive work less to access the data. The quicker the moving hard drive works lesser is the load placed on the battery. Thus, your batter can last longer. The effect is minimal, but this efficiency goes hand in glove with hard drive maintenance.

2. Kill the resource gobblers

End the background processes that are not vital. Monitor the resource usage through a ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’ which brings up the Windows Task Manager (in Windows). If you’re not on the internet, it is safe to shut down the immediate non-essential programs running in the taskbar like the antivirus and the firewall. Weed out unnecessary programs running as start-ups by launching the System Configuration Utility from Run – Msconfig – Tab: Startup. Uncheck the programs which you don’t want to launch and reboot the computer once.

3. Pause the scheduled tasks

It may be a defrag or a virus scan, but make sure it is scheduled for a time when you are near a power outlet. If not then nix them for the moment.

4. Unplug external devices

USB devices are the biggest drainers of battery power. Unplug all external devices like an external mouse, PC cards, Wi-Fi, external speakers, Bluetooth and even an attached iPod.

5. Empty the CD/DVD Drives

Even if you don’t intend to use it, don’t leave any CD/DVDs as leftovers in the drives. A spinning drive sucks battery power like a sponge.

6. Go local

Desist using the DVD/external drives while running on batteries. Shift the content to the hard drive or run using (free) virtual drives like Pismo File Mount or even Microsoft’s Virtual CD ROM Control Panel.

7. Lower the lights

The LCD screen of a laptop is another huge power sink. Calibrate the brightness to the lowest level you can tolerate using the Function key toggles or using the Display Settings applet in the Control Panel.

8. Kill the sounds

Mute the speakers and try avoiding the use of multimedia software to maximize the battery life. Installed sound schemes also drain a battery perceptibly.

9. Rid the screensaver

To maximize battery life by a little, switch off the screensaver.

10. Visit Power Options

Get familiar with power management through the ‘Power Options’ applet in the Control Panel. Both XP and Vista come with advanced power management features which shut off components like the monitor and/or the hard drive after specified intervals. This again depends on the chosen ‘Power Schemes’ (for XP) in the same applet. For instance in XP, ‘Max Battery’ under Power Schemes can be selected for maximum battery optimization.

Similar settings can be found under ‘Mobile PC’ in the Control Panel of Vista.

11. Turn off the looks

Today’s OS’s like Windows Vista come with features like ‘Aero Glass’ which are resource guzzlers. One can turn it off and go for the ‘Classic’ appearance which consumes less power. In Vista, click on Desktop - Preferences - View Colour - Appearance - Classic Appearance and Windows Basic graphical interface. In XP it’s - Display Properties - Theme - Windows Classic.

Linux and even Macintosh are better optimized for longer battery life.

12. Hibernate is better than Sleep

In the Stand By mode (or sleep mode), the computer turns of the hard drive and the display but memory remains active while the CPU slows down. This draws on the battery. In contrast, hibernation mode is better because the computer saves the current state and shuts itself down completely thus saving power.

13. Get the most…work on the least

Working on too many programs while on the battery is a sure fire power drainer. Keep use of graphic intensive applications to a minimum. Working on a spreadsheet consumes much less than playing your favourite game. To increase the life of the battery open just one or two programs concurrently.

14. Ram in more RAM

Adequate RAM reduces the load on Virtual memory which by default resides on the hard drive. Though every extra bit of RAM uses up more power, it increases overall savings by short cutting access to the power hungry hard drive.

15. Keep it clean

A laptop with blocked air vents will generate more heat thus reducing the life of the battery. Clean the air vents regularly to keep operating temperatures low. Allow for open space around the vents for air to circulate freely. Keep the area around the laptop clean to avoid entry of dust.

16. Temperature is a silent killer

Undue heat kills off a battery slowly but surely. Avoid leaving the laptop under direct sunlight or inside a closed car.

17. Avoid the memory effect

A problem more for the older Ni-MH batteries than for Li-Ion batteries on which most modern laptops run. Memory effect relates to the loss of battery charge when they are repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. It can be prevented by discharging the battery fully and then completely recharging it. Li-Ion batteries on the other hand have no problems with partial discharges and re-charges and complete discharge is never recommended for this type.

18. Update software and drivers

This sounds a bit incongruous but then newer drivers and software are often designed to be more efficient (and hopefully less resource hungry).

19. Use the right adapter

Ensure that the adapter you use to charge the laptop battery is an original one or one with the correct specifications. A mismatch in the wattage could cause an overload thus damaging the laptop and the battery.

20. Pack it up

If you don’t plan to use the laptop on batteries for quite some time, ensure that the charge is nearly 40 percent - remove the batteries and store it in a cool place.

A typical lithium ion battery has an overall average life of 2-3 years. With some care and caution, its mortality can be delayed.

Have you found your own way to increase battery life of your laptop? Share the ‘life giving’ tips with us in the comments.

posted by : ayiem province

WelCoMe To APL EVeNinG StoRY....

Masa terluang kitaorg kat apl nie boleh jadi berubah-rubah bila-bila masa jek...mcm hari nie sepatutnya ktorg g gym petang td...tp disebbkan ada meeting ngan puan raja sampai kul 6.30 petang...so terpaksalah buat aktiviti sendiri....bosan2 kat bilik yang panas dengan tahap suhu darjah mencecah sampai leh pitam...so aku ngan nelly ambil kesempatan bergambar2 sambil bersiar-siar di sekitar APL....haha...asyik terperap kat bilik jek boleh jem kepala....Bila da bersiar-siar nie mcm2 benda yang kitaorg dapat rakamkan...tengok kondisi apl yang daif nie....sampai bila laa boleh bertahan...haha...petang-petang mcm nie ramai kuar g exercise...sihatkan badan...kuar dari blok apl ternampak plak member2 lama kat first shop...biasa laaa muda2 da pandai nak niaga mcm2...so kitaorg pe lagi pergi lah ambil gambar ngan diaorg...buat kenangan hujung2 sems nie...first shop skunk nie kalau petang2 jual burger dan nasi lemak...untuk sape yang x tau arrr...hehe...mcm promote 1st shop plak....kadang2 laku jugak nasi lemak diaorang.....bila dah lapar nyer pasal....suma diaorg balun jek...tambah2 dak perempuan...diaorg malas nak kuar g ss...so diaorg order je arr nasi lemak kat sana...bagus jugak arr diaorg niaga kat sana...amat berguna time hujan...haha...malam plak dapat nasi free...tah sape lak yang bagi...dengar kata embun bagi....x tau lah...pape pown sape yang sponser makanan kitaorg hari nie...ucapan TQ yang berbanyak2...haha...

by: ayiem province

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


ehemmmmm..now is d time 4 girl's story lak...asyk boys je post blog..haha..da jd cm blog apl pn ade(da la username pon cm ade unsur2 apl je)..hehehe..ok..d story goes like this..MPG!..sp la yg xtau MPG 2 ape kn??..well..we girls r xcited 2 go..not all ddc girls of coz..only 5 of us..hahaha..sara,gee,ema,myra n ita..we tried 2 persuade other girls 2 go MPG but failed!..hahaha..so ok laa..at least ade gak la girls ddc yg g kn..MPG will be held at Hotel Flamingo,Ampang on 28hb hr 2..so sara n i went 2 klcc 2 find saloon dat have d makeup service..KLCC is d nearest to ampg..so we decided 2 makeup at d saloon inside it..d appoinment 2 makeup n hair setting were done a week b4 d MPG..

on 28hb, all 5 of us went 2 klcc at 4pm..(awl gleee..diner da la stat kul 8pm)..haha..we hv 2 go there early coz 1 person takes almost 1 hour 2 makeup..so sara+i=2hours..plus setting hair 4 sara takes another 1hour..when we arrived at d saloon, sara went to set her hair 1st..n i went to makeup..gee,ema,n myra were sitting in front of d saloon waiting 4 us..sara n i were in d back of d saloon..d boss of d saloon was d 1 who makeup us..every1 there call her 'mama'..haha..after makeup n setting hair,now its d time 2 wear our dress..well, d saloon were very2 gud 2 us..while i was trying 2 wear my dress, 1 of d worker called 'kak mas' came 2 me n try 2 set my scarf..n another worker called 'baby' was holding my hand 2 check whether i 1 2 colored my nail or not..n baby help me 2 wear my 2 n a half high heels shoes..i was like "woooohhh..hold it!i'm not done wit d scarf..2nggulaaa kalo nk pkai ksut,kaler kuku sume"..hahaha..mmg klmkabut la tm 2..sara pon try gak bsiap at d same time..d place was not so big..but it can fit two of us..

d clock is ticking..it's nearly 6 o'clock..myra,gee,ema were still not wearing their dress,not done their makeup..everything la!..haha..dat was d time where everytin goes crazy!!..i called them 2 wear everytin inside of d room..well..when all 5 of us were in d same room,u noe wat happen..haha..everytin messed up!..there were shoes on d floor,makeup on the sink,tudung everywhere on d table,cloth hanger on d sofa...hahaha..i bet mama must think "god!..what have dis girls turn my saloon into!"..haha..gee,ema n myra were trying 2 done evrytin be4 7 o'clock..bcoz dat were d time we have 2 go 2 d hotel 2 avoid from being stucked in d jam..kak mas n baby were helping them wit their makeup..dkt2 kul 7, stil diorg xsiap2 lg..haha..every1 was looking at d clock each second..mama went into our room n said "Laaaa...xsiap2 lg ke??..lamenyeee"..hahaha..u noe girlss..we always take time 2 do anything..haha..mama bought a bucket of kfc n ate outside of the room..mama asked me 2 eat d kfc while waiting 4 my frens..but of coz..pmalu la kateknnn...so dgn baek hatinye tolak twrn 2..hahaha..

sdg bsiap~

on around 7.20pm,we drove 2 d hotel..as i expected,we were stuck in jam!..but hey,u noe..JANJI MELAYU la kn...manela ade mjls yg stat sharp on time..so we were like..rilek2 laaa..lame lg..hahaha..when we arrived at d hotel,en sharil was there waiting 4 d VIP..i was like 'abislaaa..dtg lmbt lg..kn da kne lalu cik sharil"..haha..so tebalkn je la muke lalu..there was a red carpet b4 entering d hall..Skuad foto takes picture of every1 be4 they entered d hall..D dinner starts..we were starving while listening 2 all d speech..sminit time 2 rs cm sejam jeee...after all d dance perfomance,gimmicks n montaj,foods starts 2 be served..hooray!!..the themes of d food=Chinese Food..these r d menu 4 dat nite :

1) Four Hot and Cold Appetizer Platter
-sdp glee..more 2 ingredients in sushi laa..
2) Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat
-sup yg sgt sdp!!
3) Crispy Boneless Chicken Topped with Mayonnaise and Oats
-bole thnlaaa..
4) Deep-fried Garoupa "Pattaya Style"
-xlogik!..food ni cm ikan goreng besar gle..bzenye..xbyk isi..byk tulang je..n kpale bsr btol!!
5) Baked Tiger Prawn with Five Spices Salt n Capsicum
-sp yg xske udg kn?...sdppppp
6) Stewed Abalone Mushroom with Brocolli in Oyster Sauce
-ni xtaula mknn ape..mcm tlupe ape..haha
7) Fried Fragrant Rice with Shrimp Meat and Salted Fish
- Nasi goreng!!..yehaaaa...at last dpt gak nasi!
8) Chilled Jelly and Longan
9) Shanghainese Pancake with Lutos Paste
- due2 mknn ni mcm xsdr je kwujudan..sb da bz tgkp gmbr..hahaha..

band syiqah perform at dat nite..d band was named 'KUPU'..sgt besss!!..bcoz d diner was conducted formally..when d band take over,somehow they turned d diner into some wild party!..hahaha..boys were jumping like crazy while listening 2 their songs..hahaha..da abs mkn,tm 4 tgkp gmbr!!..we tried 2 find any ddc in d hall..we tried 2 find 'JEJAKA2 THANGAT DDC'..hahaha..but sadly only found 3 guys..Raja,Faizie n Ali..3org je laki ddc dtg??..haha

Faizie :ssh btol nk tgkp gmbr ngn die nie..asyk gelak je..haha

Ali : smart btol ade ros kat poket 2!

Raja : da kate jgn wat muke!!..hahaha

then, we tried 2 find if there any other ddc girls. We found byt n murni!

Byt n Murni~

These r some of d pictures dat were taken dat nite =)


Lets take pictures!

It's time 2 party!!

Friendship Forever~


Beutiful memories of d nite will always remain in our heart~..Hope DDC's friendship will last 4ever!

by : ita


First skali, nak ucap jutaan trimas kat indah water yang sudi memberi sokongan mengadakan open day, bukan snang nk panggil syarikat luar datang neh, lokasi perasmian kat blok apl(weh nie blog ddc ke apl????!!! ), ramai gak yang terlibat dalam program neh sama ada secara langsung ataupun x langsung... terutamanya kat rahim sebagai cameraman, nelly sebagai model sambilan dan 5zal yang sudi menaja program ini dgn kamera..tapi ada gak beberapa masalah yang timbul...antaranya blackout..blackout dan blackout....like s**t ar snang kata..tapi x pe sbab Indah Water pon mmg manage menatang alah 2 pon....lupa plak..trimas gak kat 1st shop sbab sudi sponsor makanan kat ktorang...wlaupon kna bayar pakai duit sendiri (sponsor ke namanya???!!)...last but not least kat korang sume sbab sudi baca mende merapu neh...k, saksikan sedutan2 gambar 'program' neh...lolx

By Jenglot™@zzz@sizzle88@.....lu pikir la sendiri..Assalamualaikum!!!



Mula2 nak mintk maaf dulu kat Admin sb masuk dlm ni utk posting....
soriii... so, x tau laaa korang suma kenal aku ke x, tp aku dlm kelas 3DDC/35 laa..

Aku nak cita pasal PortfolioDay tu je... so, kalau sapa2 nak tau... Final Year Computer Science Portfolio Day tu adalah program yg di organize oleh student2 3DDC tahun 2009.. Disinilah tempat student2 Computer Science ni tampil dengan projek2 grand diorg... haha.. aku pun x tau lg projek apa yg diorg ni nak buat, tp dgr2 gempak laaa!!! haha.. aku harap2 gitu laa.. Program ni under Pn Raja Aida, dalam kelas PC Maintenance(PCM).. memg pening kpala kelas ni.. mn taknya.. assignment bnyk, projek pun bnyk(lbh dr 1), lab lagi... adoii... dah laa TEST dia!! haha.. Killer btl, walaupun ~Open Book~ (baik x pyh open, haha)..

Setakat ni yg aku tau company yg nak dtg; Apple Computer, Cisco, Hackers Team, Symantec, MMU, mcm2 lg laa... aku harap company lain pun jd laaa dtg.. huhu..
InsyaAllah, kami semua akn buat yg terbaik hr tu... nak bikin Gempak punya!! haha..
So, ramai2 laa sokong program tu ye... nak sokong kehadiran ke, duit ke :P, makanan ke... x kisah laa... yg penting sokong...

Utk semua student2 3DDC/35.. Good Luck.. Buat yg terbaik Sem ni.. InsyaAllah kita suma akn berjaya...

By: Rizlah

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 Strategies to Play Dota

Tip #1 Farming

Farming means killing creeps or neutrals for gold. The more enemy creeps you kill, the more gold you'll receive. Sometimes when farming becomes difficult, player may turn to farming neutral characters for extra gold.

Tip #2 Last Hit

Last Hit means moving in close to hit the enemy creep for gold. Damaging an enemy creep does not provide gold, so its beneficial for a non-ranged character to move in for a last hit to receive this benefit. This also allows you to stay out of range of the opposing team.

Making a last hit requires a feel of the timing to deal direct damage for different characters. You can get a feel of this simply by playing the game often. A good strategy is to keep the thumb on the "ALT" key so that you can readily see the life line of the creeps, and only move in to get a last hit when its life is low.

Tip #3 Hot Key

Hot Key is an essential DOTA strategy. Different spells are tied to different buttons which when pressed will activate the spell. Since battles in DOTA last only a few seconds, clicking on the icons with the mouse is a little slow.

Tip #4 Mouse

Getting a good mouse is important for DOTA. You'll also enjoy the gaming experience more with a good mouse, skates, and mouse pad.

Tip #5 Item Build

Having the right item build will increase the power of your character. Some characters require more health or more speed, or more mana as the game progresses. Knowing the complimentary item build for your character will increase its power and direct damage.

Tip #6 Team Play

In competitive DOTA play, its necessary to play in groups. Public DOTA strategy and Competitive DOTA strategy are different with the latter being more difficult and emphasis on team cooperation.

Tip #7 Mana Required

Always take note of the amount of mana required to cast 2 spells. 1 spell alone will normally not be sufficient to take down an opponent.

Tip #8 Item Cost

By understanding what items need to be built, you'll be able to know the cost and time your return to the fountain. Less trip back to the fountain means more time in the battle field, which translates to more gold and experience for your DOTA character.

Dota Hero Items Tips

Alushtha The Enchantress

Good:Against Ranged Units

Bad: Against Melee Units

Recommend Items: Boots of speed, Bracer, Mekansm, Buriza-do kyanon, Linken's Sphere, Sange Yasha, Hyperstone

Sylla Bear The Lone Druid

Good: Prolly Againts STR Hero

Bad: Prolly Againts INT Hero

Recommends Item: Boots of speed, Bracer, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Morphling The Morphling

Good : Prolly Againts STR Hero

Bad : Prolly Againts INT Hero

Recommend Items : Boots of speed, Bracer, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail

Magina The Anti-Mage

Good : Againts INT Hero

Bad : Againts STR Hero

Recommend Items : Boots of speed, Bracer, Ring Of Basilius, 2 x Cranium Basher, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Kelen's Degger Of Escape

Pudge The Butcher

Good : Againts STR Heroes

Bad : Againts AGI Heroes

Recommend Items : Ring Of Basilius, Mekansm, Linken's Sphere, Heart Of Tarrasque, Vanguard

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Dagon, Hyperstone/Black King Bar/Radiance

Nessaj The Chaos Knight

Good : Prolly Againts INT Hero

Bad: Prolly Aganits Ranged Units

Recommend Items: Null Talisman, Ring Of Basilius, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Battle Fury, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Kelen's Degger Of Escape, Aegis Of The Immortal, Black King Bar

Luna Moonfang The Moon Rider

Good : Prolly Againts STR Hero

Bad: Prolly Againts INT Hero

Recommend Items: Bracer, Manta Style, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Dagon, Hyperstone/Black King Bar/Radiance

Rikimaru The Stealth Assassin

Good : Prolly Againts STR Hero

Bad: Prolly Againts INT Hero

Recommend Items: Boots of speed, Bracer,Ring Of Basilius, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Battle Fury, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Kelen's Degger Of Escape

Balanar The Night Stalker

Good : Prolly Againts INT Hero

Bad: Prolly Aganits Ranged Units

Recommend Items: Boots of speed,Ring Of Basilius, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Battle Fury, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Linken's Sphere

Motred The Phantom Assassin

Good : Prolly Againts STR Hero

Bad: Prolly Againts INT Hero

Recommend Items: Boots of speed, Bracer,Ring Of Basilius, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Battle Fury, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Linken's Sphere

Mercurial The Spectre

Good : Prolly Againts STR Hero

Bad: Prolly Againts INT Hero

Recommend Items: Boots of speed, Bracer,Ring Of Basilius, Sange Yasha, Buriza-Do kyanon, Battle Fury, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Kelen's Degger Of Escape

Purist Thunderwrath The Omniknight

Good : Againts INT Hero

Bad : Againts STR Hero

Recommend Items: Boots of speed, Null Talisman, Ring Of Basilius, Eye Of Skadi, Necronomicon, Linken's Sphere.

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Kelen's Degger Of Escape, Aegis Of The Immortal, Black King Bar

Squee and Spleen The Goblin Techies

Good : Prolly Againts AGI Heroes

Bad: Prolly Againts STR Hero

Recommend Items: Boots of speed, Necronomicon, Monkey King Bar, Dagon, Linken's Sphere, Hyperstone.

Items To Counter Live Enemies : Blade Mail, Sentry Ward/ Gem Of True Side, Linken's Sphere.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

MidNiTe At UpTowN DownTowN

Mula2 ingtkan nak kuar g beli barang jek...macam biasa kalau da stat buat plan mcm2 benda nak buat...malam tue awalnya kitaorg g makan kat keramat..tah kedai pe tah...makanan boleh tahan laa...nak kata berbaloi x jugak...haha...ari tue memang best coz apis blanje air...so pakat ramai arr turun...kalau benda free nie suma best...ramai gak arr...aku, nizam(web) hafiz,nelly, afiq(ddf),faizal,iqbal, faaizie dak fif(mcm biasa laa nama dia mesti ada dalam blog nie)...hehe..pas makan maen game jap...program nak overnite nie memang sesaje jek nak menghabiskan duit...memang x plan sangat...tetiba jek rasa nak kuar malam...biasa arr bosann kat kolej..So, kul 11.30 kitaorang bertolak arr ke downtown cheras....asalnya ingatkan biasa2 jek...kira ramai jugak orang malam tue yang berkunjung kat sana...macam-macam arr ada kat sana... baju, seluar, barang2 macam kat pasa malam jugak arr...kira cuma kuantiti jek lebih banyak...kalau nak ikutkan diaorang tue nak beli tu lah...beli nie lah...last2 x beli gak...awal masuk downtown...tempat tujuan utama kat tempat jual cermin mata..dak2 nie punya arr test cermin mata...ingtkan nak beli...tau2 beli pown x...hehe...x kisah arr...pastue kitaorg pusing2 arr downtown... abis pusing banyak pulak yang diaorg beli...ada arrr dua 3 barang...mayb hujung bulan kot...haha...saving beb...pas2 ktorg g minum2 jap....jangn fikir benda lain...huhu...abis minum dan borak2 kitaorg pun teruskan perjalanan ke uptown danau kota...kat sana ramai gak yang datang...kat sana x arr semeriah kat downtown kat cheras sebelum nie...nampak arr gak kebosanan kat sana...masa pown dalam kul 3.40 pg...banyak masa lagi nak tunggu sampai kul 5...coz sebb bosan sangt kitaorg g plak makan2 kat nz...tah raja yg bagi cadangn...kedai mamak kat wangsa maju...boleh laa tahan..pas abis makan kitaorg pown blah..yang tak tahan tue...time ktorg blah jek...suma pelanggan lain pown blah...pastue trus mamak tue tutup kedai...haha...malam tue kira best gak laaa....tp bagi aku nie mcm kira bad luck jugak coz malam sebelum sampai danau kota tue wayar meter moto tercabut...tah pasal pe tah...last2 time nak sampai utm plak... tayar moto bocor plak...da satu hal nak kena tolak plak...tp malam tu pengalaman yang best laaa tuk ktorg yang bosan2 kat k1 nie..pagi lak kena main futsal....penat weyh..tp kemenangan tetap terhadap blok apl (yg kini dikenali sebagai teratak saidina umar)...huhu...mcm biasa thankz kepada sponser2 malam tue..untuk ingatan mlm tue...aku,nizam,iqbal,faizal,nelly, afiq,hafiz dan raja...pape pown malam tue memang best arr...tima kasih kepada korunk yang menjayakan program ini...huhu... :)